UPL, short for Unclaimed Property List, is an online service, that since 2009 has helped thousands of people find their unclaimed property worth millions of dollars – when we realized the measure of our achievement we came up with our slogan: “Thousands Find Millions.” UPL has always been and, as far as we can see, will always be free, as in “free of charge”.

State officials, professional bounty hunters, people from all over the world and most of all people of the United States find UPL useful.

Technically UPL is an aggregate database of publicly available information with an intuitive simple interface on top.

The way these unclaimed accounts are reported leaves plenty of room for an error in a name or the address, and the account probably had an error in it to begin with – that‘s why it got to the point of being reported to the Treasury of the State, which happens when the owner can‘t be reached. By now the error got multiplied, “corrected”, other errors crept in, especially from the era when all of it was processed manually. States spend a lot of effort to inspire people to search for their money, but those who don‘t think they have money missing don‘t bother, and if they do they may not find the records because of the errors.

So that is the problem we are solving every day.

UPL is run by Design Ram Company from Toronto, Canada.

Operating from Dallas, Texas.

We do not process any claims. Please do not send any forms or papers to us.

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