$10M returned to Kansans during Kan. Treasurer’s tour

TOPEKA – Kansas Treasurer Jake LaTurner completed his tour of all 105 counties to promote many of the initiatives and services administered by the Treasurer’s Office. LaTurner kicked off the tour in his hometown of Galena and ended it in Wichita, all in less than 5 months. The Treasurer and his staff provided free unclaimed property searches for Kansans in their home counties.

“We had some great stories throughout the tour,” LaTurner said. “We returned $24,000 to a hospital in South Central Kansas, and $9,000 to an assisted living facility in Southwest Kansas along with 45,000 other claims throughout the state. Every dollar we return to the people of Kansas is a dollar that goes back into their local communities.”

Since July 1 of this year, the Treasurer’s Office has returned over $10.1 million to Kansans, and Treasurer LaTurner and his staff are returning unclaimed property at a record pace.

“Not only did we return over $10 million dollars, but we’ve had over 1.1 million Kansans’ names searched online,” continued LaTurner. “The average return has been $240 and that means something to the LaTurner household, just like it does to most Kansas families.“

For more information on the Kansas State Treasurer’s Office or unclaimed property, please visit www.KansasCash.com, or call 785-296-3171.

Source: https://www.hayspost.com/2017/11/22/10m-returned-to-kansans-during-kan-treasurers-tour/

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