These 75 southern Idahoans have unclaimed property worth more than $100

Elma Glenn of Buhl and Timothy L Harms of Rupert have unclaimed property. It’s money in some form, and the state wants to give it back.

The Idaho Treasurer’s Office provided this sampling of 75 people with unclaimed property valued at more than $100 whose last known addresses are in southern Idaho. To check for your name, visit or call 877-388-2942 or 208-332-2942.


Jane Judge
Susan Orison
Lorena Rangel


Elma Glenn
Floyd Haney
Robert Watt
Faye E Whitmore


Laurie S Brase
Rodney J Brase
Estate of Jeppesen Phyllis
Cooper Jason
Brock E Page
Richardo Rangel
Jesse Seiber
Charlie Valdez


Tori Alvarez


Larry Gauger
Harvey C Iverson
Gabriel Jimenz
Ruby E Royse


Corinne Bise
Anton A Bodner
Dan Griffis
Steven R Lawley


Jeanne Jensen


Nancy Bartlett
Cheryl J Davis
James W Davis
David A Fansler
Shane Griner
Dayze Hayzey
Jerry B Knudson
Harry Kreefer
Chris Stevenson
Peter Strouse
Diana L Suter


Stephen K Boone
Marybeth Flower
Lopez Guadalupe
Annette Korobkin
Dana Vallely
Veltex Market
Chris Ziebarth


Leona F Courtright
Timothy L Harms
Dansie Makayla
Park View Furn & Appl Inc
Shirley L Southwick
Barbara K Whittle


Jeremy L Stueve


Fernetta M Adam
Bradley S Brann
Marie E Jt Burnett
Kobe Coronado
Schana W Gearing
Haylee Gladeau
Craig D Holman
Jeff Humphrey
Oren B Hutton
Vada Juker
Elizabeth Kerlin
Julie A Mahler
Kevin R Mahler
Hernan Vincente Martinez
Patricia Mcboyle
Beverley W Jt Mcclellan
Shirley A Mcsweeney
Medical Office Pharmacy
Ellie Miller
Charlotte P Moore
Donald L Moore
Sean Morales
Eric R Nelson
Ida M Nielsen


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