Prattans have unclaimed assets at the State Treasurer’s office

Some Pratt County Residents have unclaimed assets in the State Treasurer’s office and should contact the office to claim their money.

Everybody enjoys finding money they didn’t know they had. Many people in Pratt County and around Kansas have money that belongs to them and they just don’t know it.

Kansas State Treasurer Jake LaTurner came to Pratt, along with some of his staff, to help people recover money that belongs to them but they don’t know it.

Kansas has more than $350 million in unclaimed assets held in the state treasurer’s office just waiting for people to claim. This money is considered a liability to the state and they want to return it to it’s rightful owner, LaTurner said.

On the average, the state treasurers office receives $50 million annually in unclaimed assets and its up to them to track down the legal owners. Of that amount, the office returns about half of what they receive every year. Since July 1 of this year, the office has returned $7.5 million. This is a free service. There are no fees or charges assessed by the Kansas State Treasurer’s Office.

The money comes from a variety of places including forgotten bank accounts, stocks, bonds, insurance premium overpayments, refunds, abandon safe deposit boxes and other property. Most of the time, the unclaimed asset is money but other assets are out there as well.

There are many people in Pratt County that have unclaimed assets. While LaTurner and his staff were in Pratt, several people found out they had money owed to them and were able to start the collection process.

LaTurner and his staff are on a 105 county tour of Kansas to alert people they could have assets they just don’t know about. Pratt was the latest stop on the tour and several residents found out they had unclaimed assets.

Step one in finding out if the state is holding assets for a specific person is to visit and do a name search to make a claim. Also, contact the office at 800-432-0386 (toll free) to speak with a member of the Unclaimed Property Division. e-mail is available at [email protected] or mail is an option at Kansas State Treasurer, Unclaimed Property Division, 900 SW Jackson, Suite 201, Topeka, KS 66612-1235.

The treasurer’s office requires very specific proof of ownership to issue any funds to an apparent owner or heir. Documentation that ties the person claiming the funds to the holder of the funds has to be in the persons possession.

The Treasurer’s office requires the following items of information for every claim that is filed:

‒ Social Security Number or Federal ID Number of the claimant(s). Otherwise, if no social security number is reported by the holder, the claimant will have to provide documentation of the reported address.

‒ Address (including city state and Zip code) of the claimant(s).

‒ Notarized claim form, if the property is a Safe Deposit Box, Stock or worth in excess of $2,000.

The following guidelines will answer some of the most frequently asked questions:

‒ If the claimant’s Social Security Number is on file with the Treasurer’s Office and it matches the claimant’s number, in many cases that is all that is needed.

‒ If claiming as conservator, executor, administrator, etc., send a certified copy from the probate court of ‘Letters of Conservatorship,’ ‘Letters testamentary,’ ’Letters of administration,” or such other court certificate evidencing appointment.

‒ If the original owner is deceased and the owner’s estate was probated pursuant to K.S.A. Chapter 59, send certified copies from the probate court of the owner’s will and the ‘Journal Entry’ or “decree of Final Settlement.′

The web site has proven to be very popular. One in four Kansans has checked to see if they have unclaimed property, LaTurner said.

Every dollar returned is another dollar that gets back into the state economy.


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