Treasurer encouraging Missourians to check unclaimed property

As the holidays get closer, Missouri State Treasurer Eric Schmitt is encouraging Missourians to check and see if they have any unclaimed property that might help with a few bills or gifts.

Schmitt described unclaimed property as “Missouri’s largest lost-and-found.”

“In Missouri, the state treasurer’s office is the custodian for almost $1 billion of people’s money that, whether it was a bank account that was abandoned, most of the time it’s a small amount maybe leftover from an interest payment or last paycheck or an insurance policy or a utility deposit,” Schmitt said. “A lot of those are the typical funds that get turned over to us. We hold that in trust as custodians and our job is to go out and make people aware of it.”

So far this year, Schmitt’s office has returned $33 million in unclaimed property to Missouri citizens. He said the biggest challenge with unclaimed property is making people aware there may be some money out there that belongs to them.

“It’s a lot of fun. In government, usually people are taking things away and we’re actually writing checks to people,” he said with a laugh.

Citizens can visit to search the unclaimed property database by simply typing in their first and last name. If a match is found, citizens then select “File a Claim” and follow the steps to complete it.


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